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Your broken Digital World Is About To Be Fixed

At iAmaLion Media and Business Consulting, we take the confusion out of your Broken Digital World and piece it all together for you. Digital Marketing and digital tools are the keys to scaling your business in a fast, efficient and profitable way.

No other marketing medium gives you access to so many customers, so quickly and effectively. No other medium allows you to touch consumers in the way digital can.

We provide the digital skills and tools for our clients to maximize their Growth and Profits, then Scale.

We are your secret weapon. Use us to slay your Digital Dragons and Be the Hero of Your Own Story.

We Create Unique Campaigns That Help Your Business Grow

The Sky's The Limit - Really! So Dream BIG

Great companies don’t solve problems for customers, they empower them to solve their own problems. Our company provides the lead generation systems and tools to do just that. 

If you want raving fans of your business, that become repeat and referring customers, utilizing our systems are how you can get them.

We help you Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?

Facebook, Instagram, Google & Youtube Ads

Want to generate a FLOOD of new customers? Are you missing out on the biggest communication revolution since the printing press? It's not only still valid, it will become more-so in the next decade. You may have dabbled or even missed the first 10 years of Social Marketing, DON'T miss the next 10.


We reconnect you with your database and get new business opportunities out of it for you, automatically. Appointments are set right into your calendar for people to speak with you or visit your business! Typically, we see a 1-5% booking rate so if your database is 1000 people, expect anywhere from 10-50+ NEW appointments!

Online Reputation Management & reviews

Reviews are the new SEO. Want to show up as the company of choice in your niche? You need Online Reputation Management & Reviews, and we Automate this process for you.

Coaching & Strategy

So you implemented 1, 2, or all 3 of our services. You have a FLOOD of new leads and customers. Now what? Consult with us on your business systems, to MAXIMIZE your ROI. We can Automate your lead qualifying, follow up, and conversion to a customer.

Graeme mcinnis

Digital Marketing Expert

Digital Marketing Expert & Business consultant

20 years of sales and Marketing experience

Graeme McInnis started off his sales and marketing career over 20 years ago. With an adventurous spirit he moved out of his family home at age 20 to move to Los Angeles with 3 other friends to work in the music industry, eventually founding their own record label T.R.A.C.E. Records. After an 11 year long career in music, Graeme stumbled into real estate.

He immediately found success and synergy and honed his sales and marketing skills further, generating 10’s of thousands of leads. He eventually closed hundreds of home sales in total during his 13-year long real estate career. 

Graeme founded his marketing agency and business consultancy when he decided his niche and passion was more in-tune with helping other business owners generate a massive amount of new leads and customers for their businesses then consulting with them to set up systems to handle that flood of new customers. 

Welcome to iAmaLion Media, where we specialize in automating your marketing systems and mundane repetitive business tasks, freeing our clients to Earn More and Work LESS!

Our Clients - Those Who We Serve

Believe In Us

Our Clients Range from #1 Luxury Real Estate Agencies, to local small business owners.

Everyone needs help Slaying the Digital Dragon. Gone are the days of “Boosting Posts” on Facebook. It now requires a robust knowledge of all Digital Marketing Platforms, that grow more sophisticated by the day.

80% of all engineers working in Artificial Intelligence, work at Facebook and Google. The advertising platforms these companies provide are now the most complex, yet most relevant platforms for you to be on yesterday, today, and tomorrow. They aren’t going anywhere and neither should you.

Facebook alone has almost 2 BILLION daily active users that use it and Instagram for almost 1 hour per day, every day. You should put your business squarely in front of your customers eyeballs on these platforms daily, for pennies on the dollar.

Your competitors ARE advertising on these platforms, and they are winning – BIG. Some companies are spending $10,000 dollars A DAY on Facebook ads alone – and seeing huge returns. You can start with as little as $500 a month and see amazing results. Then, we can help you scale from there

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